for secondary concrete

MICROGRAMINFLEX for secondary concrete reinforcement

Micrograminflex is a high-density virgin polypropylene synthetic microfiber capable of protecting concrete immediately after installation. It acts as micro-reinforcement around the concrete mix, protecting it from atmospheric and chemical agents, abrasion, impact, corrosion and heat.
In addition, Micrograminflex prevents 80% of the cracks caused by plastic shrinkage of the mix, to the benefit of the finished product's durability. Water-repellent and alkali-resistant, it also acts as a barrier against impurities that would otherwise risk being incorporated into the mix when it is not yet dry.


  • Improves durability and mechanical characteristics of the structure
  • Increases resistance to frost, thaw and atmospheric phenomena in general
  • Protects from chemical aggression and corrosion
  • Increases resistance to fire and heat
  • Water-repellent and alkali-resistant
  • Prevents 80% of micro-cracks due to shrinkage phenomena
  • Prevents the segregation of aggregates in the mix, improving its quality
  • Improves the plastic characteristics of the conglomerate
  • It is homogeneously distributed in the mix

Application fields

  • Mortars for plasters
  • Skim coatings
  • Low thickness concretes
  • Precast elements
  • Spritz-beton

CE Certification

Micrograminflex fibers have CE marking, meeting the requirements of UNI EN 14889-2 with system 3.