for dosing, unravelling
and loading fibers

Machines for dosing, unravelling and loading fibers

The process of unraveling and loading the steel fibers into the truck mixer is one of the most delicate moments in the realization of an architectural work: for this reason we have designed SC99/3, a construction site machine capable of making the entire operation simpler, faster and more accurate.
SC99/3 guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the fibers within the mixture, preventing the formation of problematic "nests" that could compromise both the working tools and the structure itself. The resulting mix is easy to pump, minimizes plant wear and tear, and maximizes the performance of fiber-reinforced concrete during construction.

With the SC99/3, a standard-sized concrete mixer truck can be fully loaded in just 3 minutes. The already separated fibers are introduced into the mix by means of an inclined conveyor belt, at regular intervals and in a single sequence, to ensure the most homogeneous distribution possible. The machine also allows the loading of the separated fibres onto possible downstream devices, such as concrete mixing centers or belt conveyors.

SC99/3 is produced entirely in Italy by our company, it boasts excellent robustness and quality finishes. While disassembled it has very compact dimensions that make it easy to transport; once installed in the yard it is easily moved thanks to the wheels. The assembly procedure is very simple, as shown in the video below.

The SC99/3 can be combined with the MD400 machine for automated fiber dosing. This machine ensures that the exact quantities required by the project are introduced into the mixture, facilitating warehouse management and guaranteeing the uniformity of the structure.