for high performance restorations

LA GRAMIGNA GOLD for high performance restorations

La Gramigna Gold steel fiber is ideally suited for use in high-performance and ultra-high-performance restorations, concretes and mortars with reduced thickness. The variants recommended for these applications are characterized by a resistance to direct traction phenomena between 2500 and 3100N/mm₂, sufficient to ensure the longevity of the most challenging structures.
La Gramigna Gold can prevent cracking at stresses up to 80% of compressive strength and acts as a diffuse resisting element after cracking, as individual fibers join the crack edges and increase the overall toughness of the structure.
Because La Gramigna Gold has a high aspect ratio, care must be taken to distribute the fibers evenly throughout the cementitious matrix. Our loading and unraveling equipment performs this function accurately and efficiently (see SC99/33 product sheet).

Diameter from 0.20 to 0.50 mm with length between 5 and 30 mm.
Available straight and hooked.


  • Increases concrete resistance to flexural-traction and dynamic loads
  • Makes the structure ductile and resistant to fatigue, impact and crumbling
  • Adheres firmly to the cement matrix
  • Reduces plastic shrinkage
  • Distributes evenly throughout the mix
  • Pumps easily
  • Reduces installation and labor costs on site

Application fields

  • Prefabricated elements with low thickness and high resistance
  • Restorations
  • High or very high performance concretes (HPC - UHPC)

CE Certification

La Gramigna Gold fibers obtained the CE marking and meet UNI EN 14889-1 requirements.

La Gramigna Gold MICRO

La Gramigna Gold MICRO