for secondary reinforcement
and anti-shrinkage

MICROGRAMINFLEX for secondary reinforcement and anti-shrinkage

Very light and resistant, Micrograminflex fiber lends itself to many uses; in particular, it is perfect for making plasters, screeds and fair-faced concrete in general.
The high-density virgin polypropylene that makes it up prevents the concrete from being affected by atmospheric and chemical agents, abrasion, impact, corrosion and heat. Its use is also very effective in reducing plastic and mechanical shrinkage of the mix: in concretes assisted by Micrograminflex, up to 80% less cracking is observed.


  • Improves durability and mechanical characteristics of the structure
  • Increases resistance to frost, thaw and atmospheric phenomena in general
  • Protects from chemical aggression and corrosion
  • Increases resistance to fire and heat
  • Water-repellent and alkali-resistant
  • Prevents 80% of micro-cracks due to shrinkage phenomena
  • Prevents the segregation of aggregates in the mix, improving its quality
  • Improves the plastic characteristics of the conglomerate
  • It is homogeneously distributed in the mix

Application fields

  • Mortars for plasters
  • Skim coatings
  • Low thickness concretes
  • Precast elements
  • Spritz-beton

CE Certification

Micrograminflex fibers obtained CE marking, meeting UNI EN 14889-2 requirements with system 3.