for plasters and screeds

POLIFER 420 for plasters and screeds

Polifer 420 is the fiber of choice for making plasters, screeds, civil restorations, prefabricated elements and all types of exposed concrete.
Not only does it give the product an elastic, linear behavior until it breaks, but it also effectively protects it from erosive and corrosive phenomena caused by atmospheric agents, microorganisms and alkaline substances. This is due to the material it is made of, high-density polypropylene: a thermoplastic polymer that is water-repellent, non-deformable and able to guarantee strong adhesion to the hydraulic binders used.
Polifer 420 fibers are so light that they can be added to the mix in large numbers directly in the concrete mixer, without causing the formation of nests or crumbling. The rotating movement is sufficient to distribute them uniformly within the mix, thus forming a micro-reinforcement capable of counteracting, among other things, the shrinkage of the cement mix.


  • In external concretes, it does not give signs of corrosion
  • It is homogeneously dispersed in the mix, even in large quantities
  • Forms a micro-reinforcement that increases the mechanical performance of the concrete
  • Facilitates thermal insulation
  • High dielectric and non-magnetic properties
  • Easily pumpable with any kind of pump, does not wear out the machinery

Application fields

  • Plasters
  • Screeds
  • Civil restorations
  • Precast elements in fair faced concrete

CE Certification

Polifer fibers obtained CE marking, meeting UNI EN 14889-2 requirements.