for structural reinforcement

GRAMINFLEX for structural reinforcement

Graminflex® macro polymeric fibers are an original La Matassina product, specifically designed for concrete reinforcement on tunnel walls, large industrial surfaces and rock walls, as well as in any structure exposed to corrosive agents capable of affecting steel. The synthetic materials they are made of make them resistant to prolonged contact with salt, acidic water, detergents and disinfectants. They are available in two different types, distinguished by the polymer used:

  • GRAMINFLEX® PE 30/40 in extruded polyester with oriented stretched fibers;
  • GRAMINFLEX® PPE 30/40 in additivated high tenacity polypropylene.

The corrugated surface and double-hooked design ensure effective adhesion to the cementitious paste, improving its mechanical properties upon removal.


  • Resistant to corrosion and contact with acids
  • Remains unchanged over time while maintaining high technical performance
  • Adheres firmly to the cementitious matrix (thanks to the corrugated surfaces and the hookings on both ends)
  • It can be added to the mix in large quantities without creating pellets or nests
  • Can be placed directly into the concrete mixer without any special equipment
  • Reduces wear and tear on shotcrete machines (tubes, jackets, pistons and nozzles are not worn down by friction with metal)
  • Replaces wire mesh and steel fibers
  • Increases the tensile strength (due to the high number of fibers/kg)
  • Reduces the specific weight of the structure
  • Ensures ductility and resistance to bending, impact and fatigue phenomena
  • Effectively prevents concrete shrinkage

Application fields

  • Parking lots, industrial and commercial floors (replacing electrowelded mesh and steel fiber)
  • Docks, harbors, structures exposed to salt and acid water
  • Spritz-beton
  • Reinforcement of rock walls
  • Prefabricated elements
  • Thin section slabs and structures
  • Hydraulic works
  • Refractory concretes
  • Compensated shrinkage mortars

CE Certification

Graminflex fibers obtained the CE marking and meet UNI EN 14889-2 requirements.