for reinforcement and control

POLIFER 850 for reinforcement and control

Polifer 850 fiber is the ideal solution for outdoor environments and exposed concrete, guaranteeing excellent structural durability even in the face of exposure to atmospheric and chemical agents, mold and other microorganisms.
Composed of high-density polypropylene, Polifer is water-repellent, non-deformable and resistant to contact with alkaline substances, while maintaining excellent adhesion to hydraulic binders.
The addition of a high number of fibers to the mix does not create nests or collapses; on the contrary, it allows the formation of a micro-reinforcement that counteracts cement shrinkage, preventing the formation of cracks and greatly improving the toughness of concrete. The resulting structure is characterized by ductile and elastic behavior, linear to failure.


  • In external concretes, it does not give signs of corrosion
  • It disperses homogeneously in the mix, even in large quantities
  • Forms a micro-reinforcement that increases the mechanical performance of concrete
  • Facilitates thermal insulation
  • High dielectric and non-magnetic properties
  • Easily pumpable with any kind of pump, does not wear out the machinery

Application fields

  • External and internal industrial floorings
  • Housing construction
  • Prefabrication (panels, prefabricated elements for tunnels, ducts, etc.)

CE Certification

Polifer fibers have CE marking, meeting the requirements of UNI EN 14889-2.